Monday, December 5, 2016


Study questions are at the tab above.
The final is on Tuesday Dec 13, 11:30 - 2:30.
I'll have extra office hours next week--Thursday 12-2 and Friday 1-3.
Come review with me but first do your best to find and understand the material.  I will give you feedback on what you've got and help you do better.

Are you ready for the final?  (diagnosis)

  1. Setting up and assessing arguments--what are the key concepts?  (Definitions are not arguments!)
  2. Soft determinism--all choices are determined (and the person couldn't do otherwise) but some are also free and responsible.  They try to reconcile these seemingly conflicting things.  
  3. How does Wolf try to reconcile? How about Frankfurt?
  4. Does a free will libertarian think every choice in The Manchurian Candidate is free? Which are the free ones?  Why?
  5. Three versions of the Cosmological are they alike?  How are they different from the Teleological Argument?  
  6. What is a theodicy?  What are the main theodicies? (four)
  7. The Kantian astronaut--what is the "categorical imperative"?  The Utilitarian astronaut.  What ethical principle do they follow?
  8.  We looked at four approaches to distributive justice (when a distribution of wealth is just).  Which are "historical" and which are "end state" (using Nozick's terminology)?
  9. The Original Position--what is it, what's the point of it?
  10. Libertarianism (free will)  and libertarianism (money)--two theories, unrelated!

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