Tuesday, August 23, 2016

First Homework

  1. Read all of the homework rules on the syllabus.  You are required to turn in one homework per week, so HW1 should be submitted on Friday (by everyone).
  2. Get the book, if you don't already have it--it's at the SMU Bookstore.  If they've run out, you can read a scan of the reading assignment at the tab above.
  3. Look at the "homework tips" and "tools" tabs above. 
  4. Write about 100-200 words in response to the homework question, which is on the syllabus (HW1).  
  5. Turn in at the beginning of class on Friday.  A hard copy is preferred, but you can upload to Canvas as well, if you typed.  A hard copy can be long-hand, but please write legibly.  

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